Getting Started

Starting blogs is never easy; it takes up all of your energy to get the content and the material right. To get the audience believe in what you think. To convey your message in a way that no one gets offended.  Try thinking of about 100,000 people in a convention hall and you are required to give a speech on your opinion on the social issues. It gives you goose bumps, let alone the number of zeros gives me the anxiety. The real victory would be a successful communication where your message is clearly understood. This is my blog’s voyage ‘to communicate my thoughts without losing myself’.

The only way I can accomplish this by searching for a meaning. So, I ask myself what matters the most in my life? What’s my life purpose? What do I strive for? These questions are more rhetorical than meets the eye. My quest during this journey will be to find myself in a crowd where no one can differentiate themselves from the others. My purpose will be to find peace through words and expressions and I hope that as much as I enjoy writing, you will enjoy peeking into hidden parts of my life which I yet have to explore.