‘ virtue and wisdom’- Socrates Being inquisitive is one of the greatest skills that any individual can acquire.  It is the basis of the development of Philosophy and without doubt, this subject is enlightenment for the world. Moreover, curiosity has also paved road for many outstanding innovations which include: Internet, Space Travel and even the […]

Rumi and love

‘ …love has no cause; it is the astrolabe of God’s secrets….’ – Rumi. Rumi has been a teacher of love and the saints of the saints. He has influenced the lives of millions teaching them love and patience and increasing their faith in God. In this fast world, we forget where we exist, we […]


They say the course of life depends on you; but what if you mess up your opportunities? I have been indecisive till this day. I have let my emotions and feelings trap me in a cage. The biggest issue that I have faced in my twenty one year of life is: Regrets and Guilts. Regardless […]