‘ virtue and wisdom’- Socrates

Being inquisitive is one of the greatest skills that any individual can acquire.  It is the basis of the development of Philosophy and without doubt, this subject is enlightenment for the world. Moreover, curiosity has also paved road for many outstanding innovations which include: Internet, Space Travel and even the evolution of money. However it is important to classify knowledge and corrupt knowledge.

The reason why I want to differentiate between these two is because it affects the course of your life. With personal experience, corrupt knowledge can lead you to fall into bad vices. There’s no clear distinction between what is corrupt and what is not. You can clearly cut out any error in a piece of information but you cannot really determine whether it will help you or destroy you.

I have been a curious child since birth, asking questions about everything and everyone till a point that everyone used to get tired of my questions. I did not know how knowledge could be ‘evil’. Well I would be wrong to say that because the word evil is itself ‘absolute’. I used to read articles and read books and gather information on everything that I was able to. For me, the data was a tunnel to being wiser and if it were for me I’d gather in all my mind could grasp. I was in a world of my own where sentences were my allies. Little did I understand that I was wronged in so many aspects.

I realized this when I came across Socrates and the early western Philosophy. The first book I read was the dialogues of Plato. It has all the information that made me realize the distinction between knowledge. What really intrigues me was “the acts of ‘knowing everything’ overshadows everything.”- Socrates. The quote is self-explanatory itself and forces one to think that everything you know is not worthy. At the end of the day, somethings are better left unsaid and un-thought of.

Rambling of a messed up mind

This is what it feels like. To be a stuck up. To think something while the reality is otherwise. It sucks. Kind of. But at least I’m happy I’m realizing what I’m missing. Getting to know more about what I want. About how I feel. My emotions. My character. What I learnt: I can’t be 100% empathetic. At most, 20%. I don’t want to be a bad person either. It’s like I want to be a good human. Increasing my character, my morale, my rationale. I’m still fighting for myself, for what I love.

Love is a question that I need to answer to myself. I don’t know how it is to be in love. And the love that intrigues me isn’t the one of opposite sex. Love is broad. It’s meaning is broad and to comprehend is the major difficult task I’ve come across. Why do you fall in love?As social humans, we need a sense of belongingness to complete ourselves. The needing and the void doesn’t go away with random people. I accept the fact that you need someone to support you both emotionally and physically. Maybe spiritually, too. But that doesn’t matter either. To love someone is different. It’s like being dependent. Emotionally. And maybe the emotional act is the only thing that kills. It’s fascinating how people claim their eternal love without meaning.

They say everything comes with time. But how can it if you don’t have to work up for it.

Another thing I’ve learnt: Change doesn’t happen by lying on your ass and thinking; it happens when you go out and take responsibility. Putting blame on life about not being fair and not being good enough is wrong. It gives you false presumptions. And that’s almost close to a fallacy- a crime. The only person who can save a soul is yourself. So why not give your conscience tranquility and rest.

There’s so much more to life than being blue all the time. Happiness and success are closely related. There is some link between them and it wouldn’t harm to give them a try. Trusting yourself is the key. The key to everything. I hope everything stays calm.


Rumi and love

‘ …love has no cause; it is the astrolabe of God’s secrets….’ – Rumi.

Rumi has been a teacher of love and the saints of the saints. He has influenced the lives of millions teaching them love and patience and increasing their faith in God. In this fast world, we forget where we exist, we forget that our souls need nourishment, that we are nothing but a speck of dust in this entire universe. This nourishment comes to us in the form of love.

Rumi was a master; he was the biggest Saint in Konya but he fell prey to love. It’s not a secret that Rumi’s biggest inspiration behind his work was Tabriz Shamsi- the wandering dervish. Shamsi was a visionary, he never settled down and was a nomad, wandering here and there to chase love. Another interesting fact about Shamsi was that he had a dream; he could see the meeting of his soul with someone alike but failed to comprehend the human behind it. His dream was recurring which led him in search of Rumi- the master of the city who was revered by all citizens.

Neither Rumi nor anyone else knew that the highest order Saint would become a poet, abandon his family and his career to talk about the universe with a wandering dervish!

When their souls met, there was an instant current. Shamsi opened up gates to a horizon which Rumi has never reached- Love. Never had he felt such a deep emotion in his life. For the first time, he identified himself as a true lover. This love later paved the way for poems, Sema(Sufi dance) and the beginning of Sufism as a school of thought. If you ever read the poems, you instantly feel them, the hidden emotions, the ache, the longing, the belongingness. The words convey their meaning on a spiritual level.

I have never come across someone who’s loved more than Rumi l- his desires were pure and his eyes cried tears. He surrendered his life to love which became an example for the world. He made believed that love needs to be cherished, that love is actually the food for the soul. Without love, no human can survive , no soul can be nourished. By love, it does not mean the love between two people rather the love with the nature, the knowledge, the wisdom, the love for God, the love for feelings and emotions. I believe that with love we can find solutions to all our problems and be a better human being in general.

– ‘Light up a bonfire of love in your soul;’ Rumi


They say the course of life depends on you; but what if you mess up your opportunities?

I have been indecisive till this day. I have let my emotions and feelings trap me in a cage. The biggest issue that I have faced in my twenty one year of life is: Regrets and Guilts.

Regardless of your age, sex, culture each individual faces a kind of regret in their lives. This can be pressurising or it can have no effect whatsoever. For me, my biggest regret was changing ‘subjects’ back in A- levels (2012) and changing universities (2016). It sounds a little obnoxious but this is how it rolls. Life tests you at different points and it’s you who actually has the power to rise above them, but well, I failed. I did not only fail but I failed miserably for not keeping up to my parents expectations or merely for delaying my graduation. The feeling was suffocating and frustrating where it took the life out of me. 24/7 I would be in a deep cluster of my own imagination, I would rant about how things could have been better. I would literally get pissed at people for my own selfish reasons. In other words, I gave a grimace of pain to everyone I came across.

Changing from Sciences to Humanities and prolonging my degree was a tough choice for me. At each point, I had to choose between what I wanted to do and what I needed to do.guess what , it gave me both an utter satisfaction yet a deep down misery at the back of my head. I had to battle everyday in my head because I was alone with my thoughts. I used to be vulnerable to my assumptions and my miseries that it made me felt empty. I used to shed a few tears for I believed that I had messed up my life for temporary things which will have no mark on my future. I blamed everyone and everything for my behaviour. ‘I did it because of you, you didn’t stop me, you didn’t give me your opinion’ till the time I realised I have no one to blame but myself.

This realisation paved a new road for me. For the very first time, I could see the light at the end of tunnel. I could take responsibility for my actions that everything that happened was because of me and today it doesn’t matter. My past has nothing to do with my future instead it’s a lesson. It’s a lesson to be taken seriously. A lesson that has made me rethink my assumptions and my thoughts and led me to where I am today. Everything takes time and it’s better to let time handle situations rather than overthinking and falling prey to the dark abyss.