Jinnah Quotes

  Think 100 times before you take a decision, But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man. Failure is a word unknown to me. Expect the best, Prepare for the worst. No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you. If you […]


One of the most significant edifices in the Clifton locality is the tomb of Abdullah Shah Ghazi. The history of this tomb dates back to about the eighth century. It attracts about a thousand of visitors per day regardless of their religious beliefs. Abdullah Shah Ghazi was born in 720 AD and is claimed to […]

Why the hate?

Social media can be one of the most powerful tools that a person can you use to raise your voice. You can fight evil, do justice to the unjust, turn tables and maybe start a revolution. However, with one misuse, there are a lot of users that face misogyny and hate. Living in the twenty […]


The conflict between the Shia and Sunni Muslims can be dated back to the death of Holy Prophet (PBUH). The major distinction that arose during that time is considered to be rather political than spiritual. The chain of events that were set into motion since that time has still impacted Islam even after 14,000 years. […]