The course of life

It seems so easy yet so distant, it’s so predictable yet so mysterious- this is the course of life.

We live in a world where empathy is slowly giving up itself to apathy. You don’t see people happy on the streets rather people miserable with their lives. You’re driving through the busy roads of Karachi and you end up seeing accidents and fatal car crashes. The balance of life is being un stabilised. I do not know whether is it because of the passing of time or merely because the end is near.

The gap between the utterly happy and the utterly miserable is widening. Not in the sense of achievement or happiness but because of the lack of the regard for others. The world is getting crueler each day. There’s no one to turn to, everyone’s pushing themselves forward and crushing the ones with them. The hate has risen- radicalism, extremism, racism, sexism, Islamophobia and God knows what not. The solution of the problem is not by LEGALISING SAME SEX MARRIAGE- the world is doomed. Hate can not be stopped through LGBTQ forums. That is another social issue that should or shouldn’t be addressed but the problem lies here: we conceal our love with tremendous hate for everything- or have we forgotten how to love? Our generation is weird in ways no one had imagined. We claim to be depressed and wanting death over nothing. Is this how we’re covering up our hate? We are the social media age yet the only thing we got out of it in this decade is dank memes. This is the course of our lives. But this isn’t how revolutions are raised and tables turned.


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