It’s time

It’s time for you to realise that everything you do, you have to do it alone. No man in this whole world will come save you. These myths of a Prince Charming make your head delusional, make you believe into thinking that a man will come rescue from all the sufferings you go through. Let me make this fact clear: no prince will come save you. No one will be here when you’ll be crying alone in the darkest nights praying to God. No one will be here when you’ll want to scream your lungs out of the suffocation you’ve been going through. No one will be here when you’ll want to drown your sorrows in a tub. No one will be here when you’ll want a shoulder to cry on, to tell someone that you want to be loved.

Babygirl, keep this in mind, the love that you give to others, try giving it to yourself. The tears that roll down your rosy cheeks, because of that asshole, save them for yourself. The long nights where you cry and puff a cigarette, save them to make memories. You’re too young to face through the cruel world’s dilemma. You’re too naive to think that you’ll find aid in people. Stop making people medicine and make yourself a better company.

Love yourself and let loose of all the things that hold you down. You’re a winner in your own sense and you’ve accomplished far more than what anyone could have. Believe in yourself and play the games they play with you. You have the power to rise above all. May you win over your shortcomings and insecurities and may you dwell forever in serendipity.

– X


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