Sitting on a couch with a coffee and a book in your hand; the ideal situation you could ever experience. The time alone with your thoughts, the realisation that you’re alive and you’re breathing. The surrealism- is there any thing better in this world than existing at this time. The tale of my life isn’t […]


They say you have the power to change everything; what if there’s scientific evidence to support this statement. The chaotic world we live in has taken a toll upon up. We see things yet we fail to comprehend them. Everyday, feelings of distress and misery take up all our energy and drain us. Not even […]

Fate of love

No matter how hard you try, you’ll end up killing yourself for someone who doesn’t care. Love is an eternal bliss- we’ve grown up with it- fancy Disney movies, the series, the books, the portrayal of love doesn’t end. Everything seems perfect; I’ll find a Prince Charming who’s going to sweep me off of my […]