Smoke away

Light it up, purse your lips, inhale and see the nicotine lighten up your stress; smoke away the pain. The history of cigarettes can be dated as old as time. Tobacco is a natural herb; a gift from the nature to the people. Another gift was fire- the one thing that revolutionised the use of […]

Unrequited love

The tale of unrequited love is as old as time. It leaves a person exhausted yet it feels out of this world . The yearning is too great for human comprehension, on the other hand, the pain of reality acceptance hurts like a mofo. This is the face of unrequited love- the love that has […]

An Ode to my Lover

My hope is what I see in your face, The first day I laid my eyes upon you, I made love with your soul, You entranced me without saying anything I was mesmerized with the way you interacted with the World You were so naive yet so experienced in what you did You touched my […]

Above all

Have you ever felt your lungs collapsing making it difficult for you to breathe? Have you ever felt your bones crushing and chills running down your spine? Have you ever felt the psychological pain evolving into physical pain?  Pain and suffering is one hundred per cent real. It’s more like a significant part of your […]