A fallacy

The triumph of denial has been sustained for too long now, Like the feelings of love and belonging have been drenching in pain now, Remotely, the only thing that matters today is what is going to come tomorrow, I have made amends with my past now, The mind, though, wanders to other realms too often,  Tell […]

Gift of Love

The desires of the heart are fallacious, The agony that it faces every night is nothing less than a disgrace, The pertinent questions that arise every minute; Is this the gift of Love that the world seeks?  You sliced open my heart into pieces, But you did not pick up the pieces, You made yourself […]

Freak show

The roaring skies and the alarming thunder, What do they represent? The will of God or the depiction of my heart? The silent cries that always go unnoticed, The dreary situation that I throw myself into, The hues of colours have been darkened, There’s nothing but grey. Like the lightning, realisations strike in my head, […]

For I see no one but you

The unprecedented love that you have breathed in my soul, The emotions that you have invoked, The feelings that have left me in an utter delusion, The desires that have become undeniably aphrodisiac, The fondness towards you that has grown into a mania, The love that seems like a manifest error, The memories that have […]