The end

The quest of love begins from here,

My love is strangled with your bare hands,

My heart is stepped on with your feet,

My chest is ripped open to see if love exists,

My mind is played with to manipulate,

My soul is crushed with delusions,

My body is chained with the the fear of losing,

This is the end.


Never were

My life is drifting apart,

I’m failing,

I’m trying to catch up,

My soul is crushing,

This pain won’t go away,

I love you,

But it’s toxic,

It’s killing me from the insides,

I’m fucked up,

I can’t breathe,

This suffocation,

This frustration,

My mind is messed up,

I’m wondering,

This anticipation,

It’s killing me,

It’s making me insane,

I want you,

I need you,

You’re not here,

You never were.


love legacy

The broken heart line,

The delusional mind,

The fucked up life,

Rhythmic heartbeats,

The soft murmurs,

The sweet-nothings,

The fake promises,

The untold truths,

The magnificent lies,

The sugar-coated compliments,

The lust,

The yearning of the soul,

The devil disguised,

The lover despised,

The lost time,

The heated arguments,

The regrets and the guilt,

The nuisance,

the love legacy.


sweet divine

Breathing on your heartbeat,

Playing the songs of your soul,

The rhythmic muse,

The sweet divine,

I dance to the music of your mind,

I sing the verses on your lips,

The melody is entrancing,

The symphony is ecstatic,

My lover!

There’s nowhere I’ll want to be right now,

Just me and you,