Big Bang

you’re too close yet to distant, my love has aged, yet, your love seems relatively new, the affection we have today, the memories we made yesterday, all of it will be cherished but all I ask for you is not to change, we could go on like this forever, in a million years, till the […]

plague doctor

I’m the one supposed to be loved, the one who should be given rides to the cosmos, I just need a moment to embrace the reality, you’re not the kind of a person who conquers love, whereas, I’m opinionated soul is the new merry for me, while love is the essence of life, fill in […]


the upper echelon of my heart is reserved for you, my brain is wired to love you, I willingly destroyed myself for you, I sang love-songs despite of not being a soothsayer, Yet, you have troubled my selflessness, and coated it with your passive-aggressive  behavior, for what?  to see me wince in pain, or to […]