Traumatic Love

I woke up this morning to feel you,

I dressed up to please you,

I cooked my misery to serve you,

I lifted your spirits to your contentment,

I made amends with people, to cease my self-destructiveness,

my heart is filled with despair,

yet you see nothing but my traumatic love.



The silence of the loneliness,

the darkness of the abyss,

the emptiness of the void,

the lingering of your presence,

the melodious sounds of the music,

the unforgivable mistakes,

the unforgettable Love.



The inhibitions are let lose

on this day

I give up myself for you

I drink to dance the night away

I get stoned to let the chemicals give me intense pleasure

I can’t hear you

with all this piercing noises in my head

but it doesn’t matter

so I indulge myself in the satisfaction of time

I praise myself

I let my insecurities fade away in the background

it’s just you comforting me

it’s just you loving the echoes of my soul

it’s just the love granting us the fulfillment of the void.



The suburbs of the city,

holds in the memories of us together,

the songs remind me of the good times we spent,

the aroma of the coffee house makes me believe:

it’s just you and me in this life.

The reminiscing of the past leaves me in tears of joy,

the anticipation of the future leaves me in despair,

I do not know what the future holds for us,

Whatever it is, I will stay strong.

It took me an eternity to finally see the light,

It took me an epoch to finally get out of the dark,

You don’t have to throw me back.

I found solace in you, I found my Universe in you,

I believe life gave me you;

to test my patience,

For, nothing means more than you.