I contemplated sitting by the calm waters

how Destiny mingled us together,

I yearned for a secret-love so deep

A love that would be a real-life fantasy,

I hoped that my Beloved would do wonders

Cast a spell on me to diminish my blunders,

I craved for the oceans to be by my side

To aid me in love, to ease me in destruction,

I adored the idea of being in love

All the stars and the butterflies in our hearts.

To love is a foolish man’s fate

To be loved is like hitting jackpot.



I post my grudges on a parchment,

I lie to myself that it’s only pain,

I hide in the closet to hide my tears,

I lay on the bed to curl up and yearn,

My insides are hollow,

My brain is frozen,

My words are broken,

My walk is limping,

My mind is preoccupied with your concerns,

I’ll turn into ashes soon before you know,

I’ll dance in the fire in the deepest pits,

Better sorry than never realising.

Love is gambling

Love is poker

Not everyone’s a winner

But everyone loses.



Together in this wilderness,

I promise to stick through the lows,

In the phases of your highs,

I wait for you to be sober,

I let loose myself for you,

I let myself wander in the forward for you,

During my phases,

You call me names that I don’t deserve.

Love is not all fun and games,

Love is not all happiness and joy,

Rather a stack of compromises and heartbreaks,

But I love you human,

I love you more than I love myself

And that is my biggest weakness.



You are art,

The meticulous strokes of your features,

The way you heart has been transformed,

Your growth from a child to a man,

Your cheesy smile that feels surreal,

Your conversations that transport me to the black holes of the universe,

I’ve been fixated on you;

On your love and everything that you possesses,

You’re a masterpiece

An art that will forever be in my heart.