I see you in my dreams every night,

we’re young and we’re free,

dancing on slow trumpets,

touching and teasing,

lighting up cigarettes and eating snacks,

drinking out of the bottle and praying to God,

the sinner in each of us is asleep,

and the angel comes out to treat us,

we’ll make history,

together under these gazillion stars.



I see heavens in your dreams, 

I see cosmos in your heart,

You’re a free-spirit trying to love 

In the chaos of the world,

Hold on to your life,

Don’t give up on your dreams yet,

You will find love inside my heart,

You will be entranced by the magic I possess,

I’m no trickster trying to fool you,

I’m just a lover who’s trying to make you mine.




Tell me why you’re crying,

When all he does is care about himself,

Your tears are precious like the diamonds in the coal mine,

Your fears are demons that you need to control,

Your life is what you own.

He doesn’t care about you,

He’s caught up with his shit,

He swears you mean the world to him,

but his actions show otherwise,

He’s Satan disguised as your lover

Don’t justify his anger, Don’t make him feel worthy,

When all he does is;

make you feel worthless.



I woke up this morning feeling nauseous and numb,

I reminded myself of the fact that I was bummed,

I lied to myself that you’re gone for a week, a month, a year,

I prayed to God to listen to my verses,

My pursed lips and trembling legs,

My shaking body, my engulfing anxiety,

Life without you would be so surreal,

I dreamed about you in purgatory,

I slept in your arms but I was fallen asunder.