Lovers cry

The emotions are too numb to be true,

The lust is too real to be love,

The thoughts are perplexed,

The energy is drained.

The recognition of my feelings,

The acknowledgment of my words,

I beg your pardon in states of despair,

I long for your affection when I’m unaware.

I listen to the birds chirping in the garden;

The lush green grass, the swaying sunflowers,

What is that you want from me baby?

What is that your heart yearns for?

My name on your lips or sweet whispers in your ears,

The long-lost attention or the fears of my nation,

For My heart is wrenched, my body is clenched.


It’s okay to grieve over something that did not do you good

It’s okay to let go of all the things that ultimately hold you down

It’s okay to forgive yourself when no one else is willing to do that

It’s okay to prioritise what you want to do when no one wants to

It’s okay to cry like a baby and whimper in pain

It’s okay to love like a fool and die with a scar on your heart

It’s okay to assemble all the broken pieces and mend them with a broken glue

It’s okay to breathe in and protect yourself from harm all around.


I put myself to sleep every night and day,

I think of the miseries to end it’s way,

I play my sorrow in the midst of my tears,

I dive in the ocean craving for care,

I travel across the Pacific to love you more,


You’re a menacing creature- a ruthless traitor,

You make me breathe you make me suffocate;

You cradle my heart and crush it in pieces,

The longing is gone, the presence is vain,

I loved you to the core

Like I loved you before,

You ran over me like a fiery matchstick,

You lit me up with the flames of your love,

I made you believe in magic,

I stumbled on stones and picked on thorns,

To pluck out the roses that make you reborn,

I walked on pathways that made me fear,

I wandered the streets with a lingering smell of failure,

I trusted your guts, I trusted your actions,

Your overly-loving gratitude

Your oh-so catchy phrases,

The illusion is surreal, your love is a game,

You play me with words you play me with fire.

I’d be at peace I’ll be content,

If it weren’t for your devil-hearted pretend.