The glistening beams of the sun hit my face,

There is nothing more spectacular than this sight over here,

I’m under your spell of the enchanted love,

I’m within the grasp of your love so dear,

Your affection is what gets me breathing,

Your pleasure is what makes my heart beating.

12th hour

The life you have left me has given me the freedom;

to laugh or to cry,

to live or to die,

to believe or to deny,

to create or to destroy,

to surrender or to contest,

to fuck or to forgive,

When I grow older on the streets,

When I live longer on the beds,

I pray you see my face in every corner,

like the following moon on the 12th hour.


I wander through the shadows of dark,

I transverse to the light of the night,

I journey on the sleigh of my heart,

I make no sense yet everyone believes,

I’m a coal hiding diamonds inside,

I’m a fighter battling the abuses you hurl.

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Golden ticket

Varied lover of the suns and the skies,

Your mysterious smirk has forced me to go astray,

I search for light in the depths of the abyss,

I find you in the cosmos of the heaven above,

I cry out your name,

I shout out your fame,

In the back of my head there is something sinister,

Something that is clandestine,

Something that is worth the pain,

I measure your love in terms of your actions,

I lost myself,

Which costed my life,

You sensed my despair and let it go,

You did not change your course,

You loved me with force,

There were heaps of sorrow on the shoulders of my affair,

Legend says my love is your golden ticket;

A ticket to success, luck and grief.

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