I saw fire in his eyes,

It was something you didn’t have,

I saw lust in his gestures,

The spark that you just lost,

His conversations were long but all so eclectic,

Your talks were mundane and crazy reactive,

He seemed like a fantasy, a desire I longed for,

You were a memory; a story that needed to fade,

He reminded me of you when our flames were burning,

He made me believe of the things that I was missing,

He wanted to save me from the oceans of your sorrows,

You stood there whining and complaining about my nature,

While, He swept me off my feet with just a glance at my shoulder,

I don’t know what I’m in between,

I don’t know why I want him, too,

Make me believe that you’re worthwhile;

Or I’m taking off alone to the path of my freedom.

A message to my teenage self

The city is too dumb to know your worth,

The people are too naive to give you a shot,

The rush of the fast-life is just a facade;

A facade full of lies, deception and royalty,

All these words don’t mean anything,

All this love is just a lie,

The only thing that matter is your happiness and your sunshine,

The only thing that stays is the memory of the darkness,

Believe in yourself before it’s too late,

Let go of the grievances that hold you down,

Life is too short to think twice,

This world is too big to mark your fame,

Do not fall for the pits of the abyss-

There lingers darkness, hatred and all things malevolent,

The thoughts your mind is preoccupied with,

The feelings that you believe are too deep,

The emotions that will come in the future are too cruel,

Live truly for you have no one,

Be loyal for there is only one life.

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My fate has nothing to do with these lines,

My luck has nothing to give me,

My life has been a roller coaster,

Yet all I need is you,

To become you is my ultimate destiny,

To unify is my eternal providence,

I seek you in the gallows of the alleys,

I find you in the presence of a lover,

I sense you in the freedom of pleasure,

I disregard you in the abyss of darkness,

I do not know what you want from me,

I just look at my palms and think for a second,

Maybe you’ve been engraved in my broken heart line.