You’re confused of your whereabouts, You’re fascinated by your will, You’re a devil disguised as an angel, You’re a fighter of the worlds, You’re loved by the lots, You’re perceived as a pioneer, You’re the creator of this mess, You’re the trend setter of evil, You were the serenity of my heart, You were the […]

Pink flamingoes

Pink flamingoes tamed my thoughts, Pink flamingoes taught me love, I was on the ocean surfing the waves, Waiting for your whistle to give a signal, I stayed under the sun and laid my body, It seemed like eternity absorbing the rays, I called out the boys to teach me to swim, I’m tired of […]


My stinging heart can’t let you go, My excruciating pain is just growing, My nights seem longer, My wounds feel deeper, I sent you the letters of love, I sent you the messages of adoration, Just to get cold shoulders from the depths of your soul, Your blinging desire, Your glittering face, Your gleaming eyes, […]

Day and night

The stars dance during the night, The moon lingers in the dark, Like the unrequited lover, the sun sets to the farthest corner; To save itself from the embarrassment to come in front of the moon, The love is so great that the sun reflects its rays to shine on its lover, Yet unknowingly the […]