I walked on the roads of the fallen angel

To ease my pain and light up my sorrow

I cried on the pits of hell this morning

To let the flames burn inside my body

This treaty with the devils has put me to ease

I’m a narcissist like never before

I make no sense, I make no sense

This life is a delusion and there’s no escape

It’s just a labyrinth of misery and gore

I have a blade I have a gun

I need to make a choice before I shun

I slit my jugular and dance in my blood

My eyes weep with tears

My lungs filled with water

Is this a mistake or a happy end

This abyss sinks my heart

a lil more closer

What is my destiny?

I ask everyone

You’re a free child like the indigoes that run

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  1. Adithya Sasikala · September 13, 2019


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