One of the most significant edifices in the Clifton locality is the tomb of Abdullah Shah Ghazi. The history of this tomb dates back to about the eighth century. It attracts about a thousand of visitors per day regardless of their religious beliefs. Abdullah Shah Ghazi was born in 720 AD and is claimed to […]


Karachi can be claimed as one of the oldest cities to ever be in the books of historian, however, it was not always like it is today. Karachi is the new foodie hub and the city that holds the most economic and strategic edge over other cities, thus Karachi is Karachi and will always remain […]


Mohatta palace, the greatest landmark in the history of time, marks one of the wonders that are loved till this day. The edifice is meticulously structured and gives an eerie sense of the past. Built in 1927, Mohatta Palace holds a significant history within its walls. From being a summer house, to the presidential campaigning […]