The conflict between the Shia and Sunni Muslims can be dated back to the death of Holy Prophet (PBUH). The major distinction that arose during that time is considered to be rather political than spiritual. The chain of events that were set into motion since that time has still impacted Islam even after 14,000 years. […]


Hinduism is one of the oldest religions and has proved to have its own unique mysticism. The philosophical approach has much more knowledge to give than any other source. In Hinduism, Brahman is the absolute reality that levitates over all other forms of being. Brahman is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘brr’ which can be […]

Renaissance (1)

The highest form of learning is art The World had seen a remarkable increase in wisdom and knowledge during the Renaissance period (13th-17th century). Renaissance can be literally translated to rebirth and is a time period that marks a shift in the thought process in almost all the fields of learning as well as the […]