The course of nature

The trees swaying with the wind, focusing on the symphony and the rhythm that each leaf produces. The air gushes through the windows creating a crackling sound when it touches. The birds chirp their way home, following a route that they have been used to. The sky plays an important role in shifting the light […]


Staying up late at night thinking about the uncensored storylines in your head. There’s no limit when it comes to using your mind; you can rise through the greatest horizons and fall to the greatest depths of abyss when there’s no returning. This is the power of your thoughts. There’s nothing in life more wonderful […]


The love life is broken, the heart is wounded, the drought is surpassing the cities. As far as the eyes can see, there’s just misery. In every corner, the gray scales have become larger than life. There is wind blowing, the trees failing to convert the dirty air into enough oxygen. The animals cannot walk, […]