I walked on the roads of the fallen angel To ease my pain and light up my sorrow I cried on the pits of hell this morning To let the flames burn inside my body This treaty with the devils has put me to ease I’m a narcissist like never before I make no sense, […]


My mind was preoccupied; My soul was dead My heart ached My thoughts perplexed, My love was gone My art was vague My glasses were broken My deserts stranded. This realm of dismay This pinnacle of failure This strategy of killing This behavior of insanity Trust me Trust you Trust him Trust her O dear! […]


The tiles of the floor smell like a disinfectant, The ceiling of the room looks like a disaster, The lights on the walls give no shadows, The beds on the ward feel like caskets, I hear echoes, I listen to cries, I see tears, I smell blood, I sense fear, I stop shouting; The buzz […]