I like to believe that the world is coming to an end. In this quest, I really want to do things that will help my identity reveal amidst the chaos of miseries.

There are a lot of things that need to be done but there is hindrance- alternates that I find to be better at that exact point. The funny part, something always brings me back here.

The course of nature

The trees swaying with the wind, focusing on the symphony and the rhythm that each leaf produces. The air gushes through the windows creating a crackling sound when it touches. The birds chirp their way home, following a route that they have been used to. The sky plays an important role in shifting the light of the day to the dark of the night. The moon stays at its place; lights up the shadows around the world and glimmers like the fairest illumination- yet being so subtle.

Like the way nature has everything predetermined, the course of life is, too, predestined. We belong in the era where everything can be proved right and everything can be proved wrong. The truth can be falsified in an instant; the deceit is so unreal that it seems like the eternal destiny of mankind.

This period is worse than what the world has ever seen. We have the highest rates of temperatures, we openly accept vulgarity, we have no care for the nature, and we prefer animals over humans. Not because they give us warmth or affection rather, they are speechless.

The way the world is revolving, it is only a matter of time that all of this will come to a halt. By the nature itself. The day is not far when all the wrongdoings will be erupted by nature in the same way a volcano erupts the lava. I’m not a religious preacher or merely religious, but the hypocrisy of this world is too uncanny. There is no force on earth that could stop this fakery except the course of nature!

Society’s dilemma

There’s a road that leads to abyss.

The course of life seems so unpredictable yet it so static. I’m stuck in between the morals of the society and the things that my hearts yearn to do. “Laug kiya kahay ge?” is the phrase that strikes every time I have a wishful thinking. The society and the people have taken away all of the freedom and reconstructed the hypocritical norms in this one phrase “Laug kiya kahay ge?”.

My assessment of society has led me to search for answers; in people, in their actions, in their thought processes, in the way they treat others. It is so easy to talk yet so difficult to comprehend. There are notions that people will talk no matter what you do, BUT why would they? Do they not have their own life? Why cannot an individual live the way they want to. Why is it so difficult to breathe?

This phrase should be buried in in the deepest pits of Hell. It is due to this phrase that people let go of their dreams and ambitions just to please the society. Everyone in this world holds the right to live their life instead of entertaining this phrase “Laug kiya kahay ge?”


Staying up late at night thinking about the uncensored storylines in your head. There’s no limit when it comes to using your mind; you can rise through the greatest horizons and fall to the greatest depths of abyss when there’s no returning. This is the power of your thoughts.

There’s nothing in life more wonderful than realising that you can share your cognition with another soul. There’s nothing better in comprehending another soul in the ways that no one can- to help it grow, nourish, nurture and explore the hidden. The power of soul is immense yet it’s implicit. It’s hidden in the fact that no human perceives the greatest gift from nature. We’re too wildly busy with the material world that we forget the spiritual realm- a realm that has far more greater significance than the world. You’re a rye in this multiverse yet you’re too important in your life.

The true meaning is difficult to grasp yet it seems to easy. We find this topic mundane and are lured towards the vile of the society. How many people love philosophy or even think about meditation in a week?

There’s more to life than using social media, life is more than scrolling past the weak stories. Life is worth living through the soul and for the soul.