the devil works in mysterious ways,

takes away your humbleness and replaces it with envy,

shifts your love into lust,

forces you into desire,

makes you impenetrable,

Yet takes everything away when he’s done.

In the name of love

Love seems easy yet it’s so difficult, everything seems like heaven but some days it’s just plain hell fire.

I have loved you since I can remember. You were the apple of my eyes, the hope to my dreams, my universe was entrapped within your soul. I loved you during your darkest hours and your most vulnerable times, I loved you when you were the most miserable. I loved you when you were the happiest and the most joyful person on Earth. I could say that I loved you for being yourself.

I will never stop loving you. Not today, not tomorrow, not in the future. My last breath will talk about you and remember you. Not how it all went wrong, but how beautiful it was between us.

I’m fucked up; that’s where we went wrong. All these lows and the arguments, my fucked up phases and my insecurities, my jealousy and the fact that I have yet to comprehend how to talk. I believe that I’m not perfect that I’m more than a fucked up piece of shit. I’ve always believed this. I realized that I do not know how to handle situations neither do I know how to act sane and not childish. I have realized that I’m no good for you and was never good for you. I take all the blame on me. Genuinely. With my whole heart. I know I made us fall to the bottomless pit and I know how it feels lying there because I have been there before. I have experienced going down the hole and fucking myself just to find you at the end of tunnel.

I know when I fall in the abyss this time there won’t be you standing at the end of the tunnel for me. I know when I fuck my self over, you won’t be there for me. That’s how life works.

Heart breaks are difficult but coming from the same person twice in the course of like six years is weird. Why can’t I get over you? Why can’t I move on? Why does my life revolve around you and every time you say hi I go back rushing to you when it hurts my soul.

I have showed you my most vulnerable. After every argument I call you late night saying I miss you that I want you back. I cry my lungs out where it becomes difficult for me to breathe. All of this: in the name of love.

This time it’s different and we both know where I fucked up. I will always love you and I will always remember you in my heart for the blessing you became for me. My lifeless love will always cherish you



The love life is broken, the heart is wounded, the drought is surpassing the cities. As far as the eyes can see, there’s just misery. In every corner, the gray scales have become larger than life. There is wind blowing, the trees failing to convert the dirty air into enough oxygen. The animals cannot walk, they cannot quench their thirst, they cannot hunt. The land has soaked up all the water in the ponds, while the sea had been contaminated with infectious diseases that have yet to be researched. The once blue colour has turned into pale green. The life of the microorganisms is blooming. There’s everything present for their culture. The environment is adaptable for the colonies to endure and reproduce. This is the cycle of life.

For one thing for flourish, the other needs to be given up.

Smoke away

Light it up, purse your lips, inhale and see the nicotine lighten up your stress; smoke away the pain.

The history of cigarettes can be dated as old as time. Tobacco is a natural herb; a gift from the nature to the people. Another gift was fire- the one thing that revolutionised the use of tobacco. Rolling it in a paper with a butt was a brilliant yet a deadly combination. The idea of cigarettes spread like wildfire throughout and everyone adopted the same mannerism. Heavy advertisement was used to popularise the new ‘cool’ age invention. You smoke a cigarette? Great! You’re the most macho man on Earth.

Today, cigarette smoking is a little less cool but more like a habit. From children as young as 8 years old are smoking packs, for God knows what reasons. It doesn’t make you cool neither does it make a woman characterless (pun intended). The only thing it does is blacken your lungs and causes cancers. This is the fate of a smoker.

Cigarette smoking has been romanticised by the A list celebs, the alcoholics, the depressed, the media, the sitcoms. They do this but with a warning- what an irony!