In the name of love

Love seems easy yet it’s so difficult, everything seems like heaven but some days it’s just plain hell fire. I have loved you since I can remember. You were the apple of my eyes, the hope to my dreams, my universe was entrapped within your soul. I loved you during your darkest hours and your […]


The love life is broken, the heart is wounded, the drought is surpassing the cities. As far as the eyes can see, there’s just misery. In every corner, the gray scales have become larger than life. There is wind blowing, the trees failing to convert the dirty air into enough oxygen. The animals cannot walk, […]

Smoke away

Light it up, purse your lips, inhale and see the nicotine lighten up your stress; smoke away the pain. The history of cigarettes can be dated as old as time. Tobacco is a natural herb; a gift from the nature to the people. Another gift was fire- the one thing that revolutionised the use of […]