In the hustling crowd of the cities, The dancing lights of the night, The swinging leaves of the trees, The salty winds of the seas, The calming waves of the oceans, The transforming illusion of the magician, The crazy art of the mad-men, The hallucinating of a lover; I long for your presence I seek […]


Making my bed tonight, I think of letting it all go; If I wake up tomorrow without my soul, If I pray to God to give me peace, If I tell myself that it’s okay to not be okay, If I lie in the middle of the ocean and drown, If I cut my wrists […]


I wasted my life on you; Saying your love was the greatest thing I had in life, Creating scenarios that were never real, Praying to God that may you always be with me, Crying for shelter in the abyss of your heart, Maintaining peace between my mind and my broken pieces, Laying on the couch […]