The lines on my hands are speaking to the stars, The horoscopes of the moons are lying to my face, The fortune-teller is chanting a tale so epic, That even Venus is hiding away from the skies, The cosmos of the milky way, the galaxies of the multiverse, They tell me a lie and feed […]


You’re confused of your whereabouts, You’re fascinated by your will, You’re a devil disguised as an angel, You’re a fighter of the worlds, You’re loved by the lots, You’re perceived as a pioneer, You’re the creator of this mess, You’re the trend setter of evil, You were the serenity of my heart, You were the […]

Pink flamingoes

Pink flamingoes tamed my thoughts, Pink flamingoes taught me love, I was on the ocean surfing the waves, Waiting for your whistle to give a signal, I stayed under the sun and laid my body, It seemed like eternity absorbing the rays, I called out the boys to teach me to swim, I’m tired of […]